Terms of use

Users must register to connect to “Public WiFi”. Registration is carried out as follows:

-> The user should choose the “Baktelecom”network from the list of networks on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other portable devices.

-> If user accepts Terms of use after reading, he/she enters the mobile phone number to “+994” cell and clicks the “Next” button. The system will generate and send a password to the user’s mobile phone number via SMS.

-> The user should enter the password to the “Enter code” section and click on the “Next” button. In the opening new page click to “Connect” button.

The password sent via SMS can be used for connecting only 1 (one) device to the Internet. The user can access the Internet for an hour. If the time is not enough, then the user can use this service 2 more times during a day.

Note: If the system does not automatically redirect you to the Login page, please,
1.Forget “Baktelecom” network in the memory of your portative device and reconnect the network;
2.Open a browser in your device;


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