Speed Price, AZN
2 Mbit/s 10.0
5 Mbit/s 15.0
10 Mbit/s 25.0
15 Mbit/s 35.0
20 Mbit/s 45.0
30 Mbit/s 65.0
50 Mbit/s 110.0
70 Mbit/s 145.0
100 Mbit/s 200.0
Connection fee, AZN 30.0

*If Fiber Optic line exists at the indicated address of the applicant, subscriber will get the service making connection and corresponding monthly payment.

** If Fiber Optic line does not exist at the indicated address of the applicant, the cost for Fiber Optic internet line (based on distance, bandwidth, availability of infrastructure etc.) are calculated and introduced to the subscriber.

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