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Every day the data transfer speed becomes faster and faster as the technology is getting better and the requirements are higher. To keep up with the needs of data transfer at high speeds, VDSL was presented to the public.

VDSL (Very high data rate DSL) – super high-speed DSL channel for data transmission. VDSL technology is designed for the simultaneous transmission of voice, data and images over already existing telephone lines. Unlike pure asymmetric DSL ADSL technology, VDSL technology works in both asymmetric and symmetric modes.

VDSL allows the network to achieve high speed data communication at relatively short distances. In practice, this distance is about 1.5 to 2 km. Therefore VDSL network well suits for organizations and enterprises. The VDSL technology takes advantage of fiber-optic communication. Placing the terminal equipment closer to the subscriber – in offices and apartment buildings, you can shorten the length of the local line, which will increase the speed.

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