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IP-addresses are of two types: Static and Dynamic. Static IP is provided by the ISP to the subscriber as a permanent address on the Internet and remains unchanged throughout the period of use of the service. Dynamic IP-address is assigned automatically when you connect the device to the network and is used for a limited period of time, usually up to the end of internet session.

Why you may need the service Static IP-address? With Static IP, you can:

  • Create your own server;
  • Have a surveillance camera;
  • Play online games without any problems;
  • To raise the speed of download from file-sharing networks and torrents;
  • Easily connect to a remote computer;

Finally, there are sites and services, which necessarily require a static IP. Not surprisingly, the static IP address has its advantages, especially within companies.

BTCPU has a large Static IP base to provide its customers.

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