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Application of “Pre-payment” system for telephone services

Baku Telephone Communications Production Association (BTCPA) has begun application of “pre-payment” system for landline telephone services.

“Pre-payment” system will prevent indebtedness of subscribers who make post-payment, also provides service due to pre-paid amount. This will eliminate such problems as indebtedness of users who leave house for several reasons or who are unable to make payment. From March 1 of the current year landline telephone users will have to make pre-payment till the 5th of each month. In case of non-payment, the service is suspended one-sidedly from the 6th of month and subscriber will only receive incoming calls, and make calls to 101,102, 103, and 112. If the debt is not paid within the next month, phone line is blocked in the network, in order not to charge the subscriber any more.

2 months after suspension (4 months after indebtedness) subscriber can retrieve telephone service by making payment for the 2 months used services and subscription fee. Otherwise, contract with subscriber will be terminated. If subscriber appeals for telephone service, he/she will have to make payment according to telephone installation tariff (30 AZN). Within 2 months after termination of contract, the phone number is not sold to another subscriber, i.e. subscriber can retrieve his/her number within that period. So, BTCPA creates conditions for subscribers to pay subscription fee for 2 months and used services within 6 months.

We would remind you that that BTCPA applies “Pre-payment” system for Internet and IPTV services from November, 2016.

Monthly payment for telephone, Internet and IPTV services can be made online and via payment terminals.

Note that BTCPA provides state and executive bodies, as well as individuals and legal entities with landlines, CDMA and IP telephone services.

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